Plant Based Energy Foods

Plant Based Energy Sources


Have you ever heard of plant based foods?

Have you ever heard of plant based foods? There’s a chance you have and don’t understand why it needs to be explained, but we hope that this article can illuminate those in the know while also bringing something new to those who already believe they know everything there is to know about plant based food. So, please take a look below to see what we have to say about exactly what plant based foods are and what they can do for you.


Not only is choosing to live off plant based a largely ethical decision, it’s also a huge move in the right direction when it comes to your general health. Not only can it help with general energy issues in the short-term, it also staves off long-term health issues such as cancer and heart disease. There’s a lot of information regarding the positives of a plant based diet which you can find throughout the internet, but it’s good to point this out before we move onto exactly what plant based food is!


Plant based food is essentially what you’d expect it to be, food that is based pretty much entirely around plants rather than animals or meat. Some people feel they’d struggle with this, but you’d be surprised by how rewarding a plant-based diet can be, both for your emotional and physical state. If you want to go slowly to see if it gives you any health benefits in the immediacy, you can always just start to remove meat from you diet and add some more plants, maybe a meal or two a week.


If it’s more the lack of meat than it is the taste or texture of plant based food, you can always mix in various types of false meats such as Tofu to give your meals that extra something. Rather than just throw it in plain, which is what gives these sorts of substitutes their bad name, you can always marinade it in various herbs and spices before frying it or baking it.  This will allow you to start on a new routine without having to completely change how you’re eating completely. You’ll also find that with time, you start to enjoy things that you previously didn’t think were that tasty.


Another big part of any plant based diet is legumes which are generally quite healthy for you, offering up high levels of nutrition and can be great to snack on. Whether you’re getting your fix in some form of lentil stew or chomping on legumes between main meals, you will find that they’re one of the easiest plant based foods to work into your meat heavy diet without having to force much of a change. Definitely worth a look if you’re intrigued by the concept!


Last on our list are smoothies which can give you a quick hit of energy and nutrition while staying entirely plant based. Comprised of both fruit and vegetables, pair the solids with things like coconut or rice milk rather than dairy to offer you a pure experience rather than something spoilt at the last hurdle by animal products. I can promise you that milk alternatives are generally much sweeter and healthier than cow’s milk, so they’re worth a look even if you’re not trying to change your diet that drastically.


While many of you will still be skeptical of an entirely plant based diet, we implore you to give it ago. You don’t have to give up meat cold turkey, pun intended, as you can always just keep throwing more and more plant based foods into your diet to find out what you like. Not only can you get all the nutrition you need from entirely plant based foods, it can be fantastic for your health in both the long and short term. If you’re worried about what meat is doing for your long term health or short term energy, give a plant based diet a chance.